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Except for instantaneous electric water heaters, all models have a drainage system. However, depending on the type of water heater, it can have different functions. Indeed, it can be used to evacuate the combustion residues of a gas water heater. It is also found on models equipped with a tank to connect them to the wastewater network. Cheap Handyman Dubai explains everything you need to know about these systems.

Which evacuation for a gas water heater?

It is mainly when buying a gas model that the question of evacuation arises. Indeed, these devices worked with burners, so they must allow the evacuation of combustion products. To ensure the safety of a fireplace, this installation must be carried out by an expert. Indeed, one of the gases created, carbon monoxide, can cause very serious poisoning. Contact the Cheap Handyman Dubai account managers to obtain the contact details of a specialist in your region. He can direct you to two options:

Exhaust for a gas water heater through a chimney

This vertical evacuation makes it possible to get rid of all the combustion gases. It will be necessary to provide for regular maintenance such as an annual mechanical sweeping. The pose is also more restrictive. For example, it is necessary to install exhaust grilles that will renew the air in the room where the water heater is located.

Evacuation of a gas water heater by suction cup

This method greatly facilitates the installation of the gas water heater. It revolves around a double-flow duct which allows the device to suck in the air necessary for combustion and evacuate the residues. This system also has the advantage of giving the water heater a perfect seal, thus limiting heat loss. The efficiency of these models is about 5% higher than that of water heaters with a chimney.

Good to know: gas water heater, maintenance required

Maintaining your water heater is strongly recommended, but for gas models, an annual check-up is required. During his visit, your heating engineer will take care of cleaning the injector, the pilot light, and the filter, as well as the fins of the heating body. He will also descale the tank and may need to replace the valve or the water inlet seal if they are damaged.

You will also be able to find instantaneous gas water heaters without connection to an evacuation pipe. These models are very small and can only supply one water point. However, it can be a practical and economical solution.

What is the purpose of the water drain on other water heaters?

The question of evacuation for a water heater also arises for an electric, solar or thermodynamic water heater equipped with a tank. Indeed, these devices must be able to evacuate water to the wastewater network. The installation of a dedicated duct is therefore imperative. A gas water heater with a balloon will also have to include this type of device.

According to Handyman Home Services the evacuation for a tank water heater is done at the level of the safety group. When cold water enters the tank and is heat, the pressure increases. To cope with these variations, but also to avoid any accident, the balloons are equipe with a valve. When the pressure becomes too high during heating, it opens. Generally, the drip allows finding a suitable value of bars.

Evacuation of a water heater

However, when the failure of the water heater is more serious, the valve opens fully for a faster flow of water. In both cases, it flows into a siphon itself connected to the house’s wastewater network. To prevent the rise of bad odors, this accessory is equipe with a water seal system. For the evacuation of a water heater, the use of a flexible pipe is preferre. It is screw to the outlet of the siphon and, on the other side, to the wastewater pipe. The diameters of the hose and the two inlets must be perfectly compatible.

Wondering which drain to choose for a water heater? Well, that will depend on your model. For the gas water heater, you will need an outlet to a flue and another to the wastewater if the model chosen is a balloon. For other tank water heaters, the safety unit must also have a drain pipe for possible water discharges. Whatever your configuration, you can trust a professional for a safe and durable installation.

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