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The rapid increase in population has also increased the demand for housing, which can only be met by various flats such as studio apartments, and one-bedroom flats. Click here to see luxury apartments in Lahore for rent.


Advantages of Buying a Studio Apartment

Cons of Buying a Studio Apartment

How to Avoid Risks If You’re Planning to Buy a Studio Apartment

Cities are growing at a tremendous rate and with them the need for housing. Many developers find a way out. The latest new building projects in Pakistan meet this housing need by developing apartments and using as little space as possible.

Such housing needs cannot be met with a house for sale because houses need ample space to build. This need is also met through flats, which have pros and cons and some risks. We will tell you everything in order so that you can make an informed decision.

Here is a list of specific pros and cons of buying a studio apartment.

Advantages of Buying a Studio Apartment

One of the most critical and obvious advantages of this type of housing is its cost. Due to the compact space, such flats are often less sized than the minimum sized flats in new buildings.

  1. If you decide to buy a living room, it can help you save money a lot. With a small living space, you can choose an option within a budget with a better location.
  2. As a rule, developers try to ensure that residents have maximum amenities within the boundaries of the residential complex, and all other infrastructure facilities are also located within walking distance.
  3. Generally, the cost per square foot of a new studio apartment is about the same as a second home. But when you decide to buy a living room, you will save precisely because of the small area of ​​​​the apartment. Although the Pakistani real estate sector offers secondary housing options at the same price per square meter, the area of ​​​​such apartments is still larger, so the price will be higher in general.
  4. A small apartment can save you a significant amount on electricity bills, which solves many problems because you can easily save some money in this way.

Cons of Buying a Studio Apartment

Everyone knows that a house for sale is more soundproof than a studio apartment. Buying such an apartment means enduring periodic noise. And high traffic at the entrance. It also compromises your privacy.

  1. Since the kitchen is not separated from the living area in any way in smart apartments, odor and heat will spread to the room. However, using a hood can improve the situation.
  2. If you plan to live in this apartment not alone but with another person who is not a close relative, privacy and personal space issues may arise. Sometimes you can avoid such a problem with two-bedroom apartments or a completely separate partition in a house.
  3. A studio apartment may face some difficulties with the renovation. As with such a small apartment, all the details must be thought through carefully to use the space as efficiently as possible.

How to Avoid Risks If You’re Planning to Buy a Living Room

Here it is enough to follow the basic rules that work for the purchase of studio apartments for different classes.

  1. Check carefully with the developer you plan to purchase. The Internet contains people’s reviews, information about this company and registration data on the website, etc.
  2. Examine the contractor’s documentation and make sure that the purpose of the building and plot is residential and all documentation is legal.
  3. Carefully study each offer in the contract of sale, regardless of whether you decide to buy an apartment for sale through the owner’s real estate
  4. a portal such as Keystonepk or the sales department of a construction company.

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