What You Need to Know about 11 Plus Maths Exam

A student can achieve a successful and rewarding career through the good grades in 11 Plus Maths exam and other subjects. A successful 11+ exam is considered a turning point in a child’s life by ambitious parents. 

Therefore, if you want to see a bright future for your child, you should pay attention to your child in passing 11 Plus exams with good marks. As it will open the doors for quality education. Moreover, they can get into good universities. 

However, if your child lacks the motivation or guidance to move ahead, and is academically not doing well in Maths, then 11 Plus Maths Tuition will prepare your child mentally and academically for the entrance exam. Online tuition is a great way to speed up and boost grades of students. 

Thus, when deciding whether to enrol their child into a grammar school or a private school. You will have already started hearing about the 11 Plus exam. 

Two exam boards (GL or CEM) develop most 11+ exams. GL provides past versions of the exams online, and CEM includes practice papers, but many parents don’t know much about the 11+ exam. Here’s everything parents need to know.

11 Plus Exam: What Is It?

Some grammar schools and many private schools use the 11+ entrance examination. Hence, it identifies children with the highest academic ability. In Year 5 or Year 6, students usually take the exam.

How is the Test Administered?

The 11+ is usually taken in your child’s classroom if they attend a local primary school. It will be taken at a central location, such as a grammar school, if they go to a different school.

What Does It Test Apart from Maths?

There is a difference in subject matter and format of the 11+ exam depending on where you reside and whether it is a GL or CEM test. Exams usually cover one or more of the following four topics

Verbal reasoning

Using words and sequences, you need to solve problems and follow instructions. The verbal reasoning test assesses your child’s ability to think constructively and their ability to use words and grammar correctly.

Non-verbal reasoning

This paper is an abstract reasoning test where your child will answer questions about various patterns and shapes. To identify which figure belongs or follows which figure in a sequence. Thinking rationally and objectively is analysed through non-verbal reasoning.

11 Plus Maths Exam and English

There will be multiple-stage problems and mental Maths tests for your child. 11 Plus exams also test your child’s creative writing skills. Their English paper usually involves organising and composing a piece of writing. 11 Maths tests student’s skills in addition, multiplication, fraction, percentage, perimeter and area etc. Moreover, students will have to master concepts relating to algebra, geometry, ratios, measurement, and word problems.

How Can I Prepare My Child For The 11 Plus Maths Exam?

When children have perfected their exam techniques and are proficient academically, they are more likely to do well in 11+ tests. Starting at least in Year 4 is ideal for building your child’s Maths skills. Hiring a tutor is an excellent way to help pupils learn some Maths problem solving tricks.

In addition, tutors can enhance students’ ability to work under pressure. If you provide your child with this extra support, they can better understand core concepts. 

Practise Both Question Formats

When taking the 11 Plus test, there are two types of questions – multiple choice questions and standard questions. There are many options for a multiple-choice question, and students will have to pick the correct answer from those options.

You should ensure your child practises both question formats when applying to schools that test both. Most parents assume MCQS questions are easy, so they focus only on the standard question pattern to prepare for the exam. It is imperative to practise both formats equally because they require different skills.

What Happens After The Exam?

In October, you will usually receive a ‘standardised score’ for your child’s 11+ exams. Considering that some children are almost a year younger than others when they take the test, it is good to announce the result in October. Usually, you need to apply to secondary schools by the end of October after getting your results. 

Final Words 

Hence, success in 11 Plus Maths exams and other subjects can ensure an exceptional academic future for the child. Parents are impatient for their children to access the good facilities, brilliant teaching, and education that top-rated grammar schools provide. You should focus your child’s attention on Maths and other 11 Plus subjects to get a good grade. Maths is a subject that troubles a lot of pupils. If you are one of those students, then 11 Plus Maths Tuition can help pupils achieve their 11 Plus academic goals. 

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