History says that at the time of Pakistan’s independence in 1947, Karachi was chosen as the
capital of the country. But later on, Islamabad was given the status of the capital.


The history of Karachi started from the reign of Unan and Arab. Arabic people know this area by the name of
Bandargah Debal. According to a British historian Eliat, some regions of Karachi and Manora Island were included in Debal. Until 1775, Karachi was part of the Kalat Khan kingdom.

In that year there was a war between the rulers of Sindh and Khan Kalat, and Karachi came under the control of Sindh rulers. After this the success of the port, population of the city increased as it became the main hub of trade of the country. Moreover, due to the rapid developments in the city , people of different class and the British showed their interest in the region.

The British invaded Karachi on 3 February 1839 and captured the city. After three years the city got affiliated with the Hindu Britishers and a status of district was given. In 1876, the founder of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah born in Karachi. By that time, Karachi had become a developed city which was dependent on its port and the railway station.

Then, it became the business hub of the country. In the mid-1880’s, the railroad was extended to Karachi from the rest of India. In
1899, Karachi became the center of wheat export in the eastern world.

You can travel on the national highway from Makli to Sujawal, and from there to Badin and then from there to Thar area. The road connecting Thar is good and all small and big cities have been given bypasses so the Mithi can be reached from Karachi in five to six hours.

Old Capital

Karachi was made the capital of Pakistan in 1947. At that time the population of the city was only 4 lacs. Due to its new status, the population of the city has increased exponentially and the city has become the center of all its activities.

From 1947 to 1953, Karachi remained the capital city of Pakistan. However, due to the rapid increase in population it was required to shift the status of capital from Karachi to another city of the country. In 1958, Ayub Khan, the then President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, started a campaign in Islamabad near Rawalpindi.

New Capital

Finally, in 1968, Islamabad became the capital of the country. Karachi is still the largest city in Pakistan and has a well-known industrial and commercial center. At present, due to the unrest, the situation in the city is bad and negatively affecting the industrial and commercial sector of the country. However, Karachi is enroute to become an international center of trade and business.

Like other cities in Pakistan, this city also has many beautiful places where tourists are all over Pakistan. There are many mesmerizing places to visit in Skardu, Hunza, Islamabad, Lahore, Abbottabad etc. Karachi is also a popular place for tourism in Pakistan. The main tourist spots in the city are:

Clifton Beach:

Clifton Beach is one of the best places to see in Karachi. People usually come
here in the summer season, because the cold wind blowing at the beach is more than a
blessing for the tourists in the hot summer days.

Sandspit Beach:

This beautiful place is considered to be another one of the best places to visit.
People from far places come here to see the beautiful view of nature. The stunning water waves

and cold wind blowing in the air are the main attractions of the place. Therefore, this is
considered to be an ideal place for tourists.

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