Custom Damascus Knife

Custom Damascus Knives are knives that are constantly worn and have a wide variety of uses. They should be with the person, be with him, or use them at home, on vacation, on the go, or in extreme situations. In terms of scope of use, this knife is a custom Damascus knife that is closest to the original and authentic. Which intelligent people traveled all over the world for a thousand years of history.

How to choose the custom Damascus knife and what should you pay attention to when choosing? The main features of the customized Damascus knife are ergonomics (weight, size, ease of wearing, handle, ease of opening, blade size), blade steel, handle material, and locking. Secondary features include the presence of axial bearings, assembly, the presence of crusher, etc.

1. Ergonomic knife

The most important criterion for Custom Damascus knives (every day Custom Damascus knives) is ergonomics: simplicity and ease of use. If the knife is made from expensive premium materials by a well-known manufacturer. But at the same time, it will not hurt to wear, it will not fit in your hand, is very heavy, difficult to open, etc. The owner of the stationary mode naturally puts it aside, choosing the most suitable version. The work environment includes:

1.1 Size

Custom Damascus knives are divided into small knives (pairs) with a maximum size of 30-60 mm, medium size blades with a length of 70-100 mm, and large knives whose Length is 100 mm. The best natural selection is one. Knife Medium size blade. A small example will not allow you to do many essential household chores. And huge knives will hardly fit in your pocket, they are heavy and painful. Anyone can feel the shape intuitively and the popular custom Damascus knife is the 80mm blade knife.

1.2 Weight

The maximum weight of a Damascus knife to wear in Damascus is about 80-120 grams. I almost forgot the bag and I didn’t feel any pain.

1.3 Wearability

The most important requirement of a daily Custom Damascus knife is a comfortable and reliable clip. Standard parts fall into two categories: high and underwater. The underwater clip allows you to “cover” the entire knife in your pocket. Invisible to the eye, the high clamping clip allows you to remove the knife as quickly as possible.

1.4 Easy to use

The ease of use of a knife is a very personal concept. It depends on the size of your opponent’s palm. Its physiology, the intensity of knife work, etc. The most important factor here is that the “grip” of the handle should not cause numbness, fatigue, and discomfort during use. Also easy to open the Damascus knife at will. To activate: a special button; Puncture the blade bush wound on the blade (“wedge”); The ring around the blade is wound from the breech side (“disc”), a special spread under the blade. (“Art”), like manicure scissors. This is the most common custom-made Damascus knife of the last century. Of all the options, the unlock keyboard and flappers are the fastest.

1.5 The shape of the blade

The size of the blade directly affects the quality of the cut, such as the ease with which the blade feeds into the material being cut. Ease of cutting, etc. The best shape for everyday use is a triple wedge (bending straight from the bottom as well as reducing the thickness of the blade towards the tip) and a concave lens.

2. Iron

Steel is one of the most important components of a knife. It is the steel that helps the knife to work effectively. And the overall quality of the knife depends largely on the quality of the knife, first of all, it must be remembered that stainless steel is definitely. Carbon steel (including Damascus) requires care that cannot be properly maintained with a custom Damascus knife. The choice of steel grade takes into account that most Damascus knives are not for long-term heavy use and do not require much rigidity. In most cases, rolled steel with a hardness of 58-59 HRC, these knives are sufficient. 

Good steel boilers for such knives are N695, VG-10, and D-2. Powder steel has excellent properties in terms of wear resistance and sharpness. But it will also significantly increase the cost of knives. As well as the “old-fashioned” powder trimmers: the S30V and S35VN, which have been in use for almost 30 years, and the latest fast-acting powder cutters for home use, are indistinguishable. Since manufacturers of standard mass-produced Damascus knives often do not increase the hardness of their steel beyond 60 HRC, high hardness and high quality are represented by the so-called steel. “Limited Series” (Sprint Run), which is produced in limited quantities at a high cost.

3. Material handling

Custom Damascus knife handles often use base materials: titanium, 6061-T6 aerospace aluminum, Micarta, G-10, and electronic rhinoplasty. And solid wood can’t recommend any specific handle material. In this case, everything is decided by personal preference. All materials have their drawbacks: all-metal handles keep your hands cool in winter. Wooden handles can crack over time, chipping and polishing with Micarta chips, etc.

4. Fortress

Custom modern Damascus knife locks come in a variety of options, and frame locks are considered the most durable, reliable, and popular. It can be steel or titanium. At the same time, titanium frame locks require steel called “rubber”, which is made of high-strength steel. Which will withstand the rapid wear of titanium. Excel Lock is easy to use and beautiful. However, the springs in them can burst and break. The liner lacquer is easy to use. But usually, it can’t stand the hard work and effort of the knife. It cannot be used too quickly. In addition to the popular lock, there is a less common blade lock system. But lock knives are very rare and expensive.

5. Small features

Custom features of the Damascus Knife include the presence of ball bearings. In nail sets (including ceramics), casing and rope slots can all make the knife easier to use. Comfort is important when choosing a knife, but it is not important. If you want to use a knife in extreme situations, you will need a solid, solid handle on the handle. You will need bearings if you want to open the knife quickly and easily. Some consumers use braided rope, especially ceramic, to easily pull the knife out of the pocket.

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