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Cassava Made Plastic

After a decade of research, the Materials and Manufacturing Group of the Departments of Mechanical Engineering and Chemical and Food Engineering of and managed to produce compostable water-soluble bags (which dissolve in water in just a few seconds) from cassava starch and take the project from the academy to the industry through Eco-bioplast. We are best Eco-Friendly Bags Manufacturer.

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Plastic Waste Oceans

Each year the oceans receive approximately 8 million tons of plastic waste, waste that by 2030 will have grown to over 9 million tons per year, due to consumption exceeds the waste management capacity.

Caused Waste Management

Eco Friendly Bags Manufacturer These figures have caused different organizations to call on governments, citizens, and the industries. Those that involved in the plastic chain to adopt measures. To mitigate the accelerated growth of contamination from this material. Through more effective legislation, responsible innovative and sustainable proposals to produce new materials and waste management.

Although it thought that most initiatives only come from high governments or large companies, there are projects that worked on from academia and that emerge as ventures with very good results.

Development Of Plasticized Material from Starch

A good example of these initiatives is the project ‘Development of plasticized material from cassava starch’ that developed in the Materials and Manufacturing Group of the Departments of Mechanical Engineering and Chemical and Food Engineering. Under the auspices, a company dedicated to the transformation of plastics by thermoforming for different sectors. The supply Eco Friendly Bags Manufacturer.

Motivation For Environmentally Friendly Packaging Technology

Main motivation for contacting and bringing the project to life was to remedy. To some extent, the pollution generated by the company during its production process. And to obtain its own biodegradable raw material. The Materials and Manufacturing Group’s experience in working with natural polymers. And environmentally friendly packaging technology was just what the initiative required.

Bags That Are Water-Soluble

Eco Friendly Bags Manufacturer The project, which has been researching for more than a decade, has managed, from this type of starch, to produce compostable raw materials, films and bags that are water-soluble, that is, they dissolve in water in just a few seconds without negatively affecting the medium conditions. These made from a non-toxic material. That, if it falls into a water source, dissolves, or becomes food for animals and microorganisms. We manufacture environment friendly Eco-Friendly Bags Manufacturer.

Responsible For the Bag Is Easily Biodegradable

According to, responsible for the project, the bag is easily biodegradable and its decomposition in environments other than water can take between days and a few months depending on the conditions. Conditions and the place where it discards. A very important advance considering that, according, 500 billion bags used on the planet every year, many of which disposed of incorrectly, including those that end up in the sea.

Production Of Bioplastics

In 2016, and at the initiative, the researchers decided to carry out pilot tests based on laboratory experiences to scale the research to an industrial level. In this way, the project became Eco-bioplast. A company dedicated to the production and commercialization of bioplastics or biodegradable and compostable plastics, which has already received the recognition of high-impact entrepreneurship by the financing entities.

Environmental Benefits of Eco-Bioplast

The environmental benefits of the initiative are very significant since it contributes to reducing the levels of plastic pollution. Additionally, a new use gives to products such as cassava, where food security not put at risk because a large part of the production of this tuber lost due to problems of transportation, preservation, and low prices. And that it transformed into cassava starch for industrial use, thus alleviating the economic situation of farmers.

Social Benefits of Eco-Bioplast

But in addition to the environmental and social benefits, Eco-bioplast has become an example of how to effectively connect with the real needs of a modern society. This assured, who also works as the company’s technical manager and dedicated full time to this undertaking, during the first semester of 2020, through the projected figure of ‘Individual academic work in innovation and entrepreneurship’.

Eco-Bioplast to Overcome Challenges

The advances of Eco-bioplast can encourage young to follow this path. Which also serves to illustrate the challenges that is to overcome. Since the research leaves the academy until it is a reality in the market.

Among these are as follows:

  • Its pilot and industrial scale,
  • Intellectual protection,
  • Transparent relationship with the university,
  • Licensing,
  • Integration of human and physical equipment for entrepreneurship,
  • Financial support,
  • Negotiation strategy and
  • Market penetration,
  • Development of new products and
  • The vision of growth

are of many which are pointed out.

Eco-Bioplast a True Solution to The Environmental Problem

Once we overcome all these challenges,  Eco-bioplast is preparing to increase its production to become a true solution to the environmental problem of plastic. This will involve developing new lines of business that include new compostable packaging for fresh products, that contain some type of moisture or that are foamed product solutions, among others, added Hugo Blanco, commercial manager of the company.

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