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The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the largest tech show in the world, this year highlighted the latest technologies developed in the health, safety, and comfort sectors. The show brought together nearly 1,200 exhibitors last January; the place to be to discover the latest home automation innovations. Did you miss the event? Don’t worry, Electrical Services in Dubai comes back for you on 10 promising innovations for the house of the future.

The connected entrance door to secure your home

Did you know about the smart doorbell and the connected lock? Let us introduce Electrical Services in Dubai to the connected entry door, the M-Pwr, an innovation from Masonite. Sensors, light, video doorbell, lock: this latest generation door incorporates all the necessary equipment to secure the entrance threshold and access to your home, by connecting to the home’s Internet network.

The connected electrical panel optimizes your energy consumption

Save energy and reduce your electricity bill: here is the promise of the latest generation connected electrical panel, by SPAN. This technology replaces the traditional electrical panel and allows you to control each electrical circuit from your smartphone. The advantage? This connected panel with a revolutionary look tells you precisely how your home is supplied, stored, and uses energy in real-time.

The connected robot: the droid that assists you daily

Welcome to the real world, but virtually assisted thanks to Ballie, the new home automation companion from the giant Samsung, with multiple functions. Under these tennis ball tunes, this droid can communicate with any type of connected object present at home. The assistant helps you daily with any voice command, to monitor your pet left alone at home, identify intruders, trigger an alarm… Its strengths? Its mobility, its autonomy, and its all-purpose design!

The connected mirror to transform your daily routine

Mirror, mirror, tell us what the weather is like and what’s the news of the day?. These are the questions that the connected mirror can answer. The concept: connect your bathroom mirror, with waterproof speakers. Because listen to your favorite music in the shower or search for information during your morning routine. Convenient, isn’t it?

The smart outdoor irrigation and lighting system

Cocorico for this home automation innovation developed by Emergency Electrician Dubai, a French company concerned about the environmental performance of the house and the garden. The garden outdoor watering and lighting system defines the quantities of water, and the watering zones according to the plant species present in your garden. Biogarden also aims to control the lighting on your terrace, reduce mold and eliminate chemicals outdoors.

The multifunction radar to monitor your state of health

No possible confusion between the flash radar deployed on our highways and the “lifesaver” radar, from Xandar Kardian! The radar of your connected living room tracks your state of health or that of your loved ones in real-time: presence detector, gesture recognition, breathing, and heart rate. This little tool is very practical for monitoring without spying on our elders and people the most fragile.

The noise detector: the little extra for your safety

Capable of detecting the slightest breaking noise up to approximately 7 meters away. But the noise detector is an additional safety device for alarm. And remote monitoring systems. This home automation technology monitors windows and glass doors. And alerts you to attempts to break into your home. The sound of broken glass is in this case detected thanks to the artificial intelligence of the system, automatically triggering an alarm outside the home. Now reassured?

The Smart Home in your smartphone: giving new life to your old phone

Don’t throw away your last smartphone. But recycle it in a home automation box! Adriano, developed by the Italian Domestics. So supports capable of transforming your old phone into a real connected hub. Home automation serves the circular economy here, limiting the environmental impact. And the release of CO2 emissions. How? Adriano is an eco-designed box connected to the screen of your smartphone. So that you no longer use. You thus extend the life of your device and can control your home thanks to a dedicated application!

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